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Q. How can you give away other people's ebooks for free?

A. I don't. I write my own explanation of what's in these ebooks, so the copyright actually belongs to me. My versions are significantly more concise, and I highlight the good and bad points using my own 10 years-plus experience to help you actually understand what does and doesn't work online. Let the watchword be 'cut the crap'.

Q. Why are you doing it?

A. I've been very successful these last years, and as time goes by I have noticed with some dismay the increasing number of 'me too' wannabe 'gurus' who seem to think that regurgitating someone else's ideas into a 50 page pdf file, knocking out a photoshop faked 'proof of earnings' and then luring newbies into buying it is 'fair play'. It isn't. Someone has to take a stand against this rising tide of worthless bullcrap. I guess that would be me.

Q. So all ebooks are rubbish then?

A. Of course not. There are true gurus out there, with great advice, and value for money courses. If I come across one, I'll let you know.

Q. Who are you?

A. I'm the Masked Guru. If you have been involved in Internet Marketing for more than 5 minutes, you will have heard of me. If not, what use would the info be to you?

Q. I've signed up but I don't seem to be getting your emails.

A. Check your spam filters. If necessary, whitelist me to ensure you get my mails.

Q. I've signed up but how do I get to see the ebooks?

A. Once you confirm your membership by clicking on the link in the email I send you, you will start to receive the ebooks by email, one part each day. If you haven't received any emails from me yet CHECK YOUR TRASH FOLDERS, and WHITELIST ME so my emails get thru. It ain't rocket science, kiddies.

Q. I want to rewrite content automatically. How can I do that? Are there any good article rewriter softwares out there?

A. There are many content rewriters (or article rewriters as they are also known). Most work on a synonym replacement system. Only one, in my opinion, is worth a damn. The web's best content rewriter .



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